Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100 Photos: 41-60

I was excited to see that I had gotten mail yesterday. I was beyond excited to see this lovely card from the wonderful Brittan. My little love owl is now hanging on our fridge. Thanks for the sunshine & love Brittan!

Last night I realized that I pretty much have the same hair & cut as Shaun White. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, but I've got to say, he's got very pretty hair.

Sorry this is so late. I had one of those super duper hellacious days at work. I ran home to get ready to go out with Jus and was greeted by this note on the door. Talk about an instant smile.

Look what I got at Target today. I can't wait to wear it while watching my favorite Olympians. Unfortunately we're all dressed up for a wedding now so my Olympic t-shirt party is going to have to wait.

I love going to weddings. Last night my little sister's best friend from elementary school got married. I've got to get off double birth control as soon as possible. I'm a sobby mcsobberson lately.

My day started by receiving all of these goodies that I won in a giveaway from Kells in La La Land. So many wonderful goodies I didn't know what to wear first.

Remember how I told you I wanted to start embroidering? I went a little crazy snatching up hoops at a thrift store yesterday.

I've been putting all those embroidery hoops to good use. I've been stitching it up like crazy lately.

Banana came home for the weekend. I'm pretty excited to get some sister time.

After kickboxing last night I satisfied my sweet tooth with some frozen strawberries. I can't wait until it's summer.

We're collecting mismatched cake plates to use at the wedding. Afterwards I can't wait to make an awesome plate wall.

We spent the day shopping for bridesmaids and mother of the bride dresses, but this was the dress I wanted to take home.

I spent all day chatting with my BFF Beth, no one gets as excited about weddings as another bride does.

Last night Jus said I should take a picture of him because I should devote my entire blog to him...What do you think about that?

The weather is finally getting warmer. I'm so ready for summer that I couldn't say no to some sunflowers.

I have been stitching my fingers away lately. I'm really excited about a new project I'm working on.

Lots & lots of mail to send makes me very, very happy.

This is what I get out of the shower to. I think Edie's trying to tell us she's cold.

We spent the whole day yesterday at antique shops. Somethings we had to get but others we had to leave.

We did a little living room dancing this weekend. Jus was really enjoying himself.


cArLa said...

i just absolutely adore your blog! i can't wait to see more of your stitching project. have a great day!

ChloƩ said...

your hair is so awesome! so is shaun whites! i am so jealous! and what a sweet little note that you got to come home to :)

Annie Cristina said...

I love your hair. :) I have naturally wavy hair that I torture/blow-dry straight every other day. Reading this post is making me rethink matters... :)

Amanda said...

ha ha you totally do have the same hair cut, that's great!! but it's a girls hair cut, so in all fairness you have more rights to it then him ;)