Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally Friday

I don't know about you but this week has been going incredibly slowly for me. On Tuesday I thought it was Monday, on Wednesday I thought it was Thursday and on Thursday I had to ask what day it was.
Not only that but the weather has been a prime example of why I hate spring (I know, I know, it's weird to hate the season of rebirth). The beginning of the week was in the upper 70s and yesterday it snowed, last night they called for frost and tomorrow is supposed to be 68. I love the flowers that come with spring but can't stand the bipolar weather.
Ok, enough whining. I'll start looking through some rosy colored glasses.

I'm actually pretty excited for this weekend. My parents are leaving tomorrow morning for a trip to Florida. They're going to spend some time at a resort called Little Palm Island and they deserve a relaxing trip!

Since they'll be out of town I'll be picking up the slack at the restaurant and Sunday I'm heading down to Indianapolis to spend some time with Banan. I also get to go to my favorite antique mall!
I've been thinking up some new series for Adventures in Love & Happiness and will be sure to fill you in next week!
Have a great weekend! I hope your weather is more cooperative than ours is.
Do you have something super fun planned for this weekend?


Kaitlin said...

This has been the longest week for me too. I even put jeans on when getting dressed on Wednesday thinking it was Friday, and then had to put real work clothes on...yuck.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

yes my sister is coming to visit!!! i wish you were coming today! but i guess i can wait!


I am hoping that the weather turns out to be atleast okay so my kiddos can play outside without snow gear, in spring. I am with ya on the whole.. disliking spring thing! But summer is right around the corner.. and I LOVE IT {high pitched voice} Have a great weekend.. and I will be sending you my questions to the love series. I started doing a love series a while back.. i only had a few submits, but feel free to check them out! click on my icon on my blog. have a great weekend.. i think i already said that!

Caroline said...

Oh have a great weekend!!! Much love! xo

Lanie said...

I have been feeling the same way about this week. My schedule's been messed up because of finals :/

My weekend is gonna be pretty chill because I have to study. I hope yours is great!! :D

Annie Cristina said...

I can't complain about my week, because I had Monday off, so it actually seemed pretty short. But still... TGIF! :D