Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I had a great weekend visiting Banana in Indianapolis. I hadn't gotten to see my little sister since labor day weekend and this was also my first time visiting her apartment in Indianapolis, we shopped and ate and caught up on all things sisterly.
While I was there I also got to stop at Midland Arts and Antiques Mall.

The entire warehouse is filled with vendors, it's easy to spend hours wandering among the goodies. If you are ever in Indianapolis you must go.
I found an old time card holder, I thought it would be great to hang in our kitchen and fill with pictures, recipes and little bits of our life.

So far only a Polaroid of Jus & me, a flower pin and Keegan's dog tag but I'm sure things will continue to accumulate.

In these pictures you can also see the back hall which I am itching to redo, Jus laughs when I say this because he says we should be itching to finish the bathroom first.

One booth had letterpress stamps for 4/$1.00 so I decided to get a little corny.

And finally, we've been looking for a large piece of art to hang on one of our living room walls. We haven't had much luck finding something we like within our price range. When I came around the corner at Midland and saw this lovely my mouth dropped open.

And then I ended up staring at it for a while trying to decide if I liked it or thought it was ugly.
It was a screaming deal for how large it is and so I thought I'd give it a shot.

It's pretty dark and our living room is fairly dark so we'll have to see if it becomes a black hole, but so far Jus & I like it. Now we just need to replace the shelf under the painting...

My Love for today: I love it when Jus leaves me notes, today he left one on the back door reminding me that the guy is coming to work on the bathroom but the "Love me XOXOXO" at the bottom is enough to make me smile all day.
My Happiness for today: Edie and I snuggled in bed for a couple of minutes before getting out.

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