Friday, April 2, 2010

Roundup: Pinwheels

Thanks for hanging with me through my nasty April fool's joke. The only other joke I played was on my favorite 4 year old when I told him that Edie had grown up to be an elephant.
Did you play any good jokes?

Now, on to the roundup, ever since I found my lovely pinwheels at Target last week I have had pinwheels on the brain. I love how bright, summery and playful they are.

Add a little sparkle to your pinwheel

A garden of pinwheels!

I think I would play with this non-stop.

The tastiest kind of pinwheel.

Pinwheels + Calling card=Super Duper Cute

Kate Spade is getting in on the act, they're handing out pinwheels and asking people to "plant" them.

A little more permanent than paper pinwheels.

I think this might make me dizzy.

Make a statement with this necklace

Coolest hat ever?

Cupcakes & Pinwheels > Peanut Butter & Jelly

Maybe you're just looking for some pinwheels that come from a shop with a cool name.

Single pinwheels are cute but I still think I'd rather have a pinwheel bouquet

Fight your boredom

Maybe we should scrap the whole fall wedding thing and just go with a bright, summery, pinwheel wedding.

Brighten up your bedroom year round

These would be perfect for a birthday party!

Flower Pinwheel & DIY Guide!

I really think this needs to come live at our house, don't you?

My favorite pinwheel necklace

PS Stay tuned at 2 for the announcement of the Giveaway winner!


Sarah said...

i am totally loving the sparkly pinwheel earrings... never fully realized how awesome pinwheels are especially this time of year!

Lanie said...

I want the pinwheel ring so badly! And the second necklace. And if I get married, I definitely want pinwheels instead of flowers!! AHHH I'm just loving the pinwheels right now, I'm so weird! :P

Micaela said...

what a great thing to love :) they're magical and delightful and a piece of childhood.. you should def. have these in your wedding :)

ps. THANK YOU for our chit chat ;) you are a real real friend! and i'm so thankful to know you!

and SUPER excited for the favorite things exchange!!! i've had my things for awhile ha


landlocked bride said...

I am in serious love with those pinwheel earrings!