Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How I Spent My Monday

This could probably be a reoccurring post since I don't work on Mondays and I usually spend the whole day enjoying myself.
Lately I've been really hating our "headboard" I love DIY projects and I liked the concept of our headboard I just didn't like the way it looked.
Need a reminder?

I had been thinking about finding some old windows to use as a headboard so I headed to my favorite local thrift/consignment/vintage shop and this is what I ended up with.

What do you think? Jus has requested a garland to hang on the windows so I'll be working on one.
While I was at the store I found this original scratchboard of a promethea moth. It is signed "Philip A. Reddel 1/19/72" and I really love this little beaut.

After my thrifiting adventure I went to Target and was beyond happy to see that they were thinking along the same lines as I have been and were stocking $1 pinwheels!

Wouldn't a bouquet of pinwheels be awesome for a bright, summer wedding?!

I was also totally smitten with all of the gorgeous Liberty of London line at Target, have you checked it out yet?
I kept loading Liberty of London things in my cart and then taking them out when I found something else I loved. Here are the three things I got, but I might be heading back later in the week to pick up the things I passed by.

I also got Edie a little treat, she was feeling a little naked at our party Saturday so I got her this adorable little dress.

Yes, we I dress Edie up, but in my defense she actually likes wearing clothes.

Do you ever spend a day splurging on fun goodies?

PS Don't forget to sign up/pass the word along for the Brown Paper Packages exchange! I'm so excited!!!


Hilary said...

Love the headboard, that's a great idea! Also, envious of the moth print. Nice find.
I may mimic your pinwheel bouquet, since my kitties will not allow real plants in the house.

boots said...

such a great idea! i love the letter press blocks in your button too! too cute!

Anonymous said...

the headboard is soo cute! i also love your bedspread! oh wait i got that for you!

I Love You More Than... said...

I love the wallet you bought!
Hope you're having a thrilling Tuesday!

Cailie said...

I love that line and have been so tempted to start buying it! There is a swimsuit and a dress I love!

Micaela said...

Liberty London- YES! (did i need another reason to love target?!) but i LOVE LOVE LOVE your windows! what a GREAT idea!!! i've got to remember that :) but your old headboard was so pretty too, you should keep it for the guest room. I remember that post about it and was just amazed you knew how to make it. I suck at DIY. lol

gorgeous headboard!

ps. i dress maverick up too ha