Thursday, April 29, 2010

Roundup: Things for Yo' Mama

Mother's Day is coming up and while it may be a commercial holiday I think we can all agree that we owe our mom an awful lot. I can't imagine having children yet but I know how special my mom is and I know that I need to get on the stick when it comes to my mom's (and Jus's) mother's day gift.I'm not quite sure what we'll be giving but here are some ideas for you to use (or send your kiddos or hubbys over here if you see anything you want).

Banan & I love to give my mom jewelry as presents.

My mom just commented about the dogwood tree we got her one year.

And another type of tree.

I love the simple sweetness of this bracelet.

All mothers need a little relaxation.

Speaking of relaxation.

For the momma with the empty (or full) nest.

The inside says "Thanks for squeezing me out." Pure awesomeness.

You could cook a fancy dinner.

But she'd probably enjoy not having to do the dishes more.

I love silhouettes and think this is a sweet way to wear them.

Perfect for all of the little monsters out there.

Beautiful flowers are always a good idea.

And if you want some beauty that will last a little longer.

For the stylish mom.

If you make your mom something yummy like this be sure to send me some too!

You could get your mom some comfy jammies.

And then let her sleep in.

Personalized jewelry is perfect for any mom.

And the best thing to give your mom for mother's day?

What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?

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Jessica said...

AHHH!!! Thanks so much for featuring my necklace in your post! *jumps up and down*

And that card cracked me up this morning! :)


What cutsie ideas.. I love the silhouette necklace, Mama necklace.. and that dogwood tree is beautiful! I ♥ trees!

Annie Cristina said...

Aw, what beautiful gift ideas. :) I'm getting my mom this cute purse she's been eyeing for weeks.

my name is lauren. said...

LOVE these mother's day ideas. i think i'm going to buy that "mama" bracelet for my mama....that's what i call her. thanks for the idea love!