Friday, May 28, 2010

A New Start at the End of the Week

Finally Friday. Did you make it through this week ok? I feel like it was a little rough around these parts, but before I start whiny whiny whining I have an announcement to make.

I'm really proud of this guy.

For the past three years Jus has been working for the same company. Some family friends own a business and what started out as a supportive and fun work environment has digressed into childish accusations and general disrespect.
Every morning Jus wakes up at 5 to drive a half hour to a job he hates. His energy is drained and it breaks my heart to know that he has to spend his days working somewhere he hates to make our life more comfortable.
After being accused of stealing food and threatened to work the late shift Jus finally pulled the trigger and put in his two weeks notice.
I couldn't be more proud of him, to see someone you love so much get treated like dirt is gut wrenching. Jus deserves better and I am so glad that he has recognized how amazing he is.
Jus is planning to do some odd jobs for my parents, work at rehabbing buildings for my grandpa, and possibly come and work at the restaurant with me.
I know this isn't the best time to voluntarily give up a job, and no matter what it'll be a decrease in income but we're planning on making some adjustments (like selling a car) and a happy fiance is worth its weight in gold.
I'm so incredibly proud that Jus recognizes that he deserves more and I hope we can stay strong and focus on being happy.

What have you done to make yourself happy lately?

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Alee said...

Great for Jus! It sounds like he will be so much happier-which is what really counts. Have an awesome weekend!

Prippy Handbook said...

It takes a great deal of strength to walk away from an unhealthy work environment, and the lessons you learn from that situation definitely make you stronger!

Hope you two have an amazing weekend celebrating :)

The Pieces said...

Yes! Go him! I am all for quitting jobs if it is wasting you! High five and have a lovely weekend xo

Sam said...

That is great! Happiness is definitely a top priority and if your job is jeopardizing that, then it's time for a change. :)