Thursday, June 10, 2010

Roundup: Things for Yo' Daddy

Thanks for the sweet comments yesterday. Jus & I cooked dinner together last night and then went to his parents for some birthday cake (it was Jus's little brother's birthday). As it turns out Jus & I picked the same card for each other, I think it's a sign we're meant for each other.
I also have to brag a little about the awesome gift I got. Jus had his friend (who has professional equipment) record him singing/playing two songs for me. I wish I knew how to upload a song but trust me when I say it's the sweetest gift ever and I cried.

Speaking of gifts, Father's Day is coming up and if you're like me you're still trying to decide what to get. My dad is hard to buy for, he doesn't play golf, isn't a car guy and has just recently picked up fishing. We've been known to buy my dad some fun, playful gifts so hopefully we'll be able to think of something good for my dad.

Some Fierce Cuff links

I have to admit that my dad gets a lot of sweaters for presents

When I was little my dad had a 'stache

As I said, my dad doesn't play golf, but if he did this would be a must

This would be such a sweet gift for a first time father

I am not smart enough to figure this out, maybe your dad is

If your dad is like mine he isn't too much of a shopper so we try to help him out
Red Madras Shirt from Gap $39.50

My dad's shaving bag is almost as old as I am

I've always thought things like this look cool

So your dad can hold it all together

If dads could pick their own gift this might be it
Microbrew of the Month Club from $20.50 per month

Or if your dad is more of a wine drinker

One day Jus will be given one of these for Father's Day

Slightly gross to think about but very necessary

If my dad played golf I would want to give him this

For the baseball loving dad

My dad keeps talking about making a "bodacious" outside kitchen
Cooler Station from Target $149.99

Perfect for the BBQing Dad

Even more perfect for the BBQing Dad

Perfect for the father (or father of your children) with a sense of humor
Life Tie from Projector $30.00

What are you getting your dad for Father's Day?


Meghan said...

I cannot get over the golf club drink dispenser! I used to be a gold caddy and I know all of the men would have found it quite handy!

Alee said...

cool ideas! Thanks for sharing!

TenThouBride said...

I love those lion cuff links! Great find!

Amanda said...

oh what a great post and what great gift ideas!! i got my date some tomato plants, like a kit to start growning them yourself, and a great brown leather book/laptop bag, but there are some great ideas for next year!! great post!