Monday, June 21, 2010

Two Things To Know: Wedding Style

Happy Monday Sweethearts!
Oh, how I've missed you. Five days seems like forever to be away from you & my little blog.
My weekend was great, I had so much fun helping BFF Beth make her wedding perfect. I tried to be the best Maid of Honor possible and tried to organize and de-stress as much as possible. Unfortunately I packed my camera in a box that went home with my mom so we'll have to wait until tomorrow for pictures.

This week's Two Things to Know are two things I put to use this weekend while I was Maid of Honoring my booty off.

1. If you want your make up to stay in place for longer lightly spray your face with aerosol hair spray. I know this sounds weird but I promise it works, I sprayed BFF Beth's face after I did her makeup and she looked gorgeous all day long (well, the blushing bride thing might have helped).

2. Boutonnieres are supposed to be pinned on the left side. I actually messed this one up, well, I listened to the photographer and he gave me wrong advice. Name tags also go on the left side, that way when you shake hands the eye is drawn right up the arm and onto your name.

3. You have until Wednesday to sign up for the Color Me Happy Package exchange so be sure to send me an email if you're interested!

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Sandy a la Mode said...

ohhh thanks for that makeup tip... mine always fades by the end of the day!!

just wanted to let you know that i included the color me happy package swap in my blog post today!