Monday, November 29, 2010

My Thankful List

Happy Monday, darlings. We had a busy & wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Thursday Jus & I ate too much at two Thanksgivings. I worked Friday & Saturday and we put in serious hours at the new house Sunday.

I looked through my thankful list from last year and I'm still pretty thankful for everything on that list but this year I feel like I have so many big things to be thankful for.

Jus. Because he's my husband and I love him a bunch, also because he put up with me when I was stressed & crazy over the wedding and puts up with me now when I get frustrated & overwhelmed with the new house.

My Family. This year my parents have given Jus & I more love & support than I can even begin to thank them for. My little sister, Banan, spent tons of time in the car to drive home to help with wedding stuff and was the best Maid of Honor I could've asked for. I'm doubly lucky this year because this year I got two new parents & a brother when I married Jus.

Our house. Ok, technically we have two, but I really love both. Even though we're ready to get out of our old house an into our new house and definitely in the not fun part of home ownership/renovation we are incredibly lucky to have not just one home but two.

Our pets. Most night Jus & I end up on the sofa sandwiched in between Edie & Layla. It's funny how happy a wagging tail and a drooling mouth can make you.

Our friends. This year we have experienced so much love and support from our friends (old and new). I remember standing at the wedding, surrounded by our friends, and being totally overwhelmed by how lucky we are to have so many people who love us.

And now, the little things I'm thankful for.
Being able to eat 2 Thanksgiving dinners on Thanksgiving. Patterned tights. Valspar paint (yes, we're house nerds and have picked our favorite type of paint). Cracked pepper & sea salt chips. Good books. Matching jammies. Good design. Print magazines that aren't full of ads. Warm boots. Diet Coke. Etsy.

You. I am so thankful that you have been so patient with me the past few months. I love you all and am so sad that I'm not able to blog more often but I appreciate that you've hung on.

What are the things you're thankful for this year?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for summing it up so well. I think I’ll be returning here often. Best Regards.