Thursday, November 26, 2009

Things I'm Thankful For

Well, I made it through yesterday without falling in an oven. My dad & I ended up making 90 pies and drinking several pots of coffee due to our 5 am wake up call.

Now I'm off to eat 2 Thanksgivings in 4 hours (a true feat). But first, I could go on about some thankfullness but I'll give you the short list...

Jus. Spooning (I even love being the big spoon, weird, I know). My parents. Popcorn. Cherry dipped ice cream cones (and dilly bars). Banan. Layla. Etsy. Flannel blankets. Thrift stores (But really only when I find good stuff). Eames chairs. Concerts. Sunshine. Rain. That it is supposed to snow today. Edie Sedgwick (the dog). Design*Sponge. The Blogosphere (ugh, I hate that word) and the world it has opened to me. Christmas trees ( I cannot cannot cannot wait to get ours). Project Runway (Especially Carol Hannah). Tights (Particularily patterned ones). Caramel apples. Books. Cookbooks. Dates with people you live with. Guacamole. Flowers. Family. Baking. Laughing. Crafting. I love you presents. Buffalo plaid. Christmas Lights (Especially on our house!). Taking naps in a bed. Using parenthesis, astriks, and commas to explain myself (nerd alert!).

And I'm especially thankful for you, my lovely readers, this Thanksgiving. I started this little blog on a whim and love that you're kind enough to put up with my ramblings.
Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

so im a little hurt that popcorn and cherry dipped cones are above me on the list. and mom is trying to convince me that you like bananas and that you didnt even mention me!

Bethany said...

At least you got on there Hannah, I didn't even make the list :(

Cole said...

yes you are, you're under the family part, or did you forget you're my other sister?