Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Month Ago

Jus & I became husband & wife!

We took pictures, laughed, cried, declared our love, threw the best party ever and started our happily ever after.
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I can't believe how quickly the last month has gone, sure, we've been busy but it's been fabulous. Every day I wake up and can't believe I have such an amazing man as my husband. And let me tell you, I can't wait to spend the next 800ish months with Jus.
I love you sweet pea!

And happy November 16 all you darling readers!
EDT: Agh! Totally meant 800ish months. I guess thats what I get for trying to do math after painting for 7 hours!


Maddison said...

Yay! just lovely =)

I thiiiink however that you may mean the next 800ish months, not 80ish...80ish months would be about six years. =S


Scientific Housewife said...

Congrats on one month of wedded bliss! It goes by so fast, let me tell you!

Mrs. Dontje said...

hahhaha 80ish years! 80ish months equals 6.666666 years :) happy one month mrs. jus!

Tillie said...

The photos are just so lovely! Oh I am so happy for you! I cant wait to find my love like this. It warms my heart to know its out there! xx

Sarah C said...

I'm sure I've said this before - but your wedding photos turned out lovely! Congrats on one month. I promise, it just flies by from here on out (this is coming from someone almost married 17 months. ha!)

Oh, and you have totally inspired me to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. Although I have never been an every day blogger, I miss posting 3 or 4 times a week. It's time for change!!

Megan said...

Congrat the photos are lovely - you look beautiful!

Amanda said...

Happy one month to you and Jus. Beautiful pictures as always--thanks for the peek into your day.