Friday, December 10, 2010

Living Room Inspiration

Happy Friday, Lovebugs! I hope you all had a good week and are ready to relax & Christmasfy this weekend. We're going to be spending all weekend at the new house working in the hopes that we will be able to move next week/weekend!
Our bedroom is painted and I want to wait to show you until we have moved in and the room is really what it's going to be, but our next project is the living room.
Need a reminder?

Yup, dark green which makes this room super, super dark even though there is TONS of natural light! Jus & I have been trying to pick a color for our living room, we love the warm clay in our first living room but we wanted to change it up. During one of our many Lowe's trips Jus picked up a swatch entitled Gypsy Teal.
Initially we loved the color but were unsure of how a jewel toned living room would look in real life.

So other people can pull of brightly colored rooms, but can we?


erin elder said...

I think you could definitely pull a color like that off, but it takes the right furniture to go with such a bold color. I don't think you can have neutral plain shaped furniture, you would need eye-catching pieces with unique shapes, and fabric with bold patterns to compliment the color.

Your house definitely has the character to pull it off.. i say DO IT!! :o)

morgan said...

go for it! i love that teal color. so pretty.

Amanda said...

You only live once right? And it's just paint, right?

I love jewel tones and I've always felt like it would "rich" up a room.

my name is lauren. said...

gypsy teal is a fun color, but i'm always hesitant with bold colors. i tend to fall head over heels for a color and then hate it. case in point: my apartment junior year of college. magenta/lime green. shoot me now. i wanted to throw up every time i walked in my room. since then i'm more of a neutral girl and add pops of color in with accessories and decor....only because i'm far to lazy to repaint a room if i hate the color. painting is my arch nemesis! good luck deciding!

Anonymous said...

Yes you can ! I think as long as the furniture and vibe is there. For me, my rooms are plain white/off-white/a beige of some sort. If it were up to me, and not the balance my bank account, I would put up wallpaper like my old 50's house back in the suburbs ;-D