Friday, December 17, 2010

Powder Room Pretties

One image that has stuck with me since I first saw it is the image of Domino Magazine editor, Rita Konig's front hallway.

I'm not sure if I first saw it in an issue of Domino (I started reading late and have only recently completed my collection of the magazines) or in the wonderful Domino Book but I have always hoped to recreate a small space with a dynamic wallpaper.
When we got the Behemoth I knew exactly which room would be wallpapered, the small half bath tucked under the front stairs.

Jus is leery of wallpaper, I imagine it's because he's thinking it will look like this.

Instead of this.

I love bright, bold wallpaper and have been scouring the web looking for some that will make our powder room pop.
Design*Sponge has an awesome product guide to help you find delicious wallpapers and I've waxed philosophic about how badly I wanted some wallpaper before but have never had the space to put it before. Now that we do I'm totally overwhelmed with my options.
Following the wedding Jus & I received a ton of Target gift cards so I decided to start my search there. (I know, Target sells wallpaper, who knew?)
Target has some really lovely wallpaper.

At first I decided I wanted something bright and bold. I decided to look for black & white wallpaper to go with bright yellow trim in the bathroom.

And then I stumbled on this paper and it was game over.

I mean, it's a big pattern, the flowers look like fireworks, and it's gold. Can you get more decadent than that?
I can't wait to show you the color I picked for the trim to go with this paper but unfortunately we're always at the house in the dark so the pictures aren't too good. We're going to be spending all weekend working on the house so I promise to grab some daylight photos.
I'll be back Monday with a post and (hopefully) a new address, that's right, we're hoping to move into the Behemoth Sunday!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

There is so wallpaper that I totally adore, I just get worried since it sort of seems to be taboo these days.

Emily said...

Okay so first of all your header is the cutest thing ever. Secondly I love the first image, I worry about doing dark wall decor in my home, but always want to try. Lastly paint by number wallpaper....wowie awesome!!!!