Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sending Some Love

Of all the things that happened this year sending Christmas cards might be the one that makes me feel the most grown up.
If you remember I found an awesome promotion that Shutterfly was offering and it was so exciting to pick the perfect card to go with our wedding pictures.
Originally I told you we would be using this picture that Janie captured during our second line.

Jus & I love the picture of us in the parade and decided to save it for our Thank You cards but luckily Janie was willing to edit more pictures for us to use for our Christmas card picture.

We had the option of these two great pictures from our shoot at the apple orchard. I left the picture choice up to Jus and then I picked the card design.

I love that our card is lighthearted, fun, and convey more than just the standard sentiments. (And I really love that Layla, Edie & Jack are included on our card!)
Luckily, our cards arrived just in time for me to address them & ship them out on the last possible day!


Savannah said...

Ahhh, theses are great picks!! You look so funny and cute :)

MandeeFoFandee said...

I love the picture you chose! that has to be one of my favorites!

Amanda said...

The picture you chose is so perfect. Just the right balance of wit and charm. Love it, Nic!

Ashley said...

OH! I love your Christmas card! Perfection!!

courtney. said...

what a lovely card design!

stephanie said...

Aww, what great cards! I love them. xo