Monday, January 17, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend

Happy Monday, darlings!
I hope you had as wonderful of a weekend as we did.

Saturday morning we got a late start and ended up arriving in Milwaukee at 2:50. We frantically made our way to the Lakefront Brewery so we could take a tour. (We had heard this is the best brewery tour and their last tour of the day was at 3:10.)
As we pulled up I tried to convince Jus to hop out and get us tickets, he denied my pleas, we parked and walked in the front door only to be told that the tour was sold out. We decided to head to our hotel and make our way to dinner from there. After sushi we walked to the wonderful Turner Hall Ballroom, grabbed some $4 PBRs and got ready to see Grace Potter.
Excited kids

Grace had gorgeous sparkly booties

And a hot, sparkly mini dress

Grace rocks the piano & guitar

And the whole band gets in on the act

And I got a set list!

Grace is seriously amazing, she embodies everything that a female rock star should be, she is powerful, talented, and all sorts of sexy. Grace dances & sings in 4" heels and definitely has the chops to back up her sex appeal.
The bottom line is, if GPN is coming anywhere near you (we drove 213 miles) go and see them. Even if you don't know any of their songs you will enjoy this show. The energy of the band, the excitement of the crowd and the show that gets put on is absolutely amazing. Seriously, go, you won't regret it, cross my heart.
We woke up Sunday, ate lunch at the Milwaukee Ale House and hopped back on the highway in order to be home in time for B.B. King.
There isn't much you can say about seeing a living legend other than just that, we got to see a living legend, the king of the blues, and it was pretty awesome.

And the king, himself
(Sorry about the lack of photos, all I had was my crappy iPhone camera)

So tell me, sweetpeas, how was your weekend?

PS Super congrats to my baby sister, Banan, for being elected Treasurer of her sorority!


Mrs. Dontje said...

a friend of a friend of mine went to bbking and said that show was awesome!! you're a lucky girl!

Anni said...

That looks absolutely amazing! So jealous. :)

Dana Richards said...

Looks like it was a blast!

I took my students on a field trip to the art museum this weekend, and it was pretty interesting haha

MandeeFoFandee said...

it looks like you had an amazing time! what a great Christmas gift!

... said...

Great photos!! looks like fun!

Van said...

Glad you made the effort to drive to the show. I flew in from Boston, on the ground in Milwaukee for <24 hours!