Friday, January 14, 2011

Vlog Fridays!

Hello again, lovebugs.
After this week's Dialect Vlog I started talking to the lovely Kate from MarshMellow Goodness and together we decided to start doing a weekly "Friday Vlog."

Every week we'll announce a topic and the following week we'll post our response.

This week's topic is "The Strangest Thing That Happened to You This Week."

So what's the strangest thing that happened to you this week?
Next Week's Topic:
What's the moment you knew you were a grown up?
If you want to start vlogging but aren't ready to try for every month stop by the Vlog of the Month Club, we'll be playing along with them as well!

If you play along be sure to leave a comment so I can link up to you! I'm super excited about Vlog Fridays and hope you are too!
We Vlog Friday, do you?


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I am SO happy I stayed a virgo. But honestly, I don't get how this stuff can just randomly change. So weird!

steph c said...

Silly astrological signs. It says I'm now a Gemini, but I'd much rather stay a Cancer.

Also.. there was an article on mentioning how technically the signs didn't really change, depending on if you follow the Western, more seasonal based signs, or Eastern, more energy based signs. It was an interesting read!

Kate said...

HA. You are so right, we have a secret underground connection. That is TOO funny we posted about the same strange thing! WOO HOO Vlog Fridays!

Folly Bride said...

Yay for vlog Fridays!

Meghan said...

You are super adorable! I love the vlog idea!