Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Little List

After last week's random, cold medicine induced list I decided I kind of liked the list format and thus begins another little series.

This week's little list.

1) I'm still not convinced our mailman isn't messing with our mail. I've called the post office and everything looks ok there but we're still missing mail. The only thing I can think of is that it's getting sent to our neighbor's house instead of ours and her mail is stopped right now because she's in Columbia.

2) I'd really like to post twice a day on Adventures in Love & Happiness. I feel like my brain is exploding with things I just HAVE to tell you but I'm not sure if two a day would be too much for you lovelies and I'm worried that quality will suffer due to quantity.

3) Do you love Pinterest as much as I do? I wish I had it when I was scooping up all my wedding inspiration so I could have kept it straight. Luckily Pinterest came along in time for the Behemoth renovation.

4) I'm tired & sore from working on the house this weekend.

5) I want about 5 reclaimed wooden benches to decorate our house. Ok, maybe not 5 but at least 2.

6) I love it when Jus doesn't let me get out of bed on Sunday mornings because he wants to keep snuggling. Our family is full of cuddlers, Edie & Layla like to spoon us.

7) I got an email about corporate advertising on this blog. While I know it's cool for some people I just can't get behind having only big companies featured here. Remember my non resolution resolution about supporting local shops? Yeah, the only big company I'd get behind is a book seller that wanted to send me new books every week. That said, I'm not opposed to sponsorship but always planned on waiting until I had more followers. I'll gladly feature or giveaway your product or shop but don't expect me to sell out. (There's nothing I hate more than sell outs)

8) We have HUGE news around these parts and I can't wait to share it with you!
(My mom just squealed cause she thought I was gonna say I'm pregnant, but I'm not)

9) Our weather is a tease. After a week in the 50s and no more snow we got 6 inches this week. This makes me even more excited about this week's Vlog Friday cause I'm gonna pretend it's 80 degrees out and show off my summer wear!

10) I'm thinking about restarting my Real People in Love series, I have a couple of couples that have contacted me and I'd love to include you if you want! Also, I'm itching to do some more roundups, hence the desire to have multiple posts a day.

Sorry for the randomness, darlings, my brain is so full I can't stand it! And I promise I'll be back later with a normal post.


Anni said...

I always want to post more, too! My problem is I never have the time to sit down and write all the entries floating around in my head.

I love reclaimed wood furniture! Where's your favorite place to find it? I have a hard time finding reasonably priced pieces.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

We had grass last week and now all we see is white. It's making me SO SAD. Gah.

I'm about to send you a letter in the mail to see if it gets to you. And inside I'll just write "We know you're stealing mail, give it back!" That way if it IS being stolen the person will know we're on to them! And if it gets to you... well, you'd have a good giggle, right? I'm a regular Nancy Drew, hehe.

Jessica said...

I really want to do this weeks Vlog Friday but I don't have any cute summer clothes...that fit. :P Haha!

Annie said...

1. I don't think posting more often would be overwhelming at all! I often think about doing it, but I still have those time periods where I feel so uninspired, that it's nice to have a little back-up stash of blog posts.
2. LOVE Pinterest.
3. I think I need to get in on Vlog Friday this week. Sounds like fun!

Jenny said...

I say bring it on! Post twice a day :)

Banan said...

yes do twice a week and yes do more roundups!

MandeeFoFandee said...

I love Pinterest, those benches, and your commitment to supporting local shops! <3

Meghan said...

Can't wait to hear the news! Hope all is well!