Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Real People in Love: Layla & Josh

This week's Real People in Love were an obvious choice. As Operation Layla continues to grow I thought that it would be fun for everyone to discover more about Layla & her husband, Josh. I first discovered Layla through their beautiful wedding and followed her at Wish Fulfillment Every Day. It's hard not to admire Layla & Josh for all that they have been through and the love they continue to share throughout Layla's health struggles.

How old are you & Josh?
I'm 33, he's 30.

When is your anniversary?
November 7, 2009

What are your occupations?
He is a retail manager, I am a Buyer. But, I'm graduating with my BS in Criminal Justice with a Homeland Security concentration soon and trying to get a position in federal government, preferably with FEMA.

How did you meet?
We met through mutual friends. But about four years prior to meeting, I worked with a girl that had a group pic of her friends on her desk and I always commented on how cute one of the guys was. Once we started dating, we realized we were both friends with the girl (she wasn't the one to introduce us) and the guy in the pic was Josh! It was meant to be. :)

How did you get engaged?
It was fall 2008, and I had been saying that I really wanted to go hiking in the mountains near our house, to see all of the leaves changing. Josh planned a trip to Amicalola Falls on November 9th, and we climbed halfway to the top of the falls, took a breather- and I later found out- he chickened out!!! When we got to the top, he was a little intimidated by the crowds, so we moved away from the falls to a clearing, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And although I don't remember it, apparently I said "thank you" instead of yes. :)

Tell us about your wedding day (not necessarily elements but feelings too):
Our wedding day was hectic! We had a completely DIY wedding, and the day was full of putting things together, organizing, preparing... it was a whirlwind and I honestly don't know how we accomplished it all. But with a lot of help from friends and family, we pulled it off! If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't have tried to do so much myself, because there is a lot about the day that I don't remember. But, I will never forget walking down the aisle and seeing his face, saying our vows, and our first dance. I may not remember all of the details, but his beaming face is etched in my memory and that's all I need. :)

Define Love:
Love is total acceptance. 100% acceptance of each other. You may not like everything, but you accept it and love them in spite of it.

What is the toughest part of being in a committed relationship?
The hardest part for us had been dealing with friends that have disappeared. I think a lot of people assume that marriage means you no longer have time for friends, so they back off. Not so! We love our friends and wish they'd hang out with these old, married folks more!

What is the best part?
Everything. Absolutely everything, no matter how big or small. Waking up on Sunday mornings and making waffles, having someone to hold your hand when you need it, always having a cheerleader, never having to go through anything alone.

What is the best day the two of you have had together?
Our wedding day is definitely on the list, but the BEST day was our first anniversary, in Vegas. It was the first time in Vegas for both of us, and it was so stress-free and chill. We were both so excited and happy and relaxed.

What makes you different from other couples?
Our inside jokes! We pretty much talk in our own language all day with inside jokes.

What is your favorite thing to do together?
We're both HUGE college football fans- I'm a Tennessee Vol and he's an Auburn Tiger- so we're rivals, but we're nice about it. We both love sports in general, so we go to a lot of Braves games and watch a lot sports on TV. You'll usually find one or both of us screaming at the TV on the weekends. :) We both love getting tattoos and going to concerts, as well.

Do you have a song?
Use Somebody by Kings of Leon was our first dance song, and we always think of each other and our wedding when it comes on. It's also my ringtone for Josh.

What is the most essential element of making it?
It sounds so cliche, but communication. You really do have to talk everything out and attempt to understand each other.

What are your hopes for the future?
Josh's hope is to become a district manager for his company, and mine is to get a job with the federal government and pursue my graduate degree. We aren't sure if I can have children due to my health issues, so we haven't really gotten that far in planning the future. Our main hope is just to continue to make decisions that make us happy, and enjoy each other. Life is short and uncertain. Make the most of it!

Anything else the world needs to know about love?
If it takes a lot of effort, it's not love. Love is easy. Relationships require work, yes... but if you're constantly fighting to stay together, something is not right. I had to learn that the hard way.

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Anonymous said...

You guys sound like us. Braves games, football games (War Eagle!!), concerts and tattoos... all the way!

stephanie said...

how cute! Love this feature and am loving your blog!

Layla said...

Thank you so much for posting!!! :)

SP - we sound a LOT alike!! And we're in the same town! Blogger meetup?

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Yay Layla! I love how she saw a pic of him before they ever met and thought he was cute, what a great story! And I love the wedding pic with the sign, that's cute too!

Go Operation Layla!!

Married In Chicago said...

At first I thought the question read "What is the most essential element of making out" - ha!

Ashley said...

They are one cute couple...and I LOVE the Elvis pic!! :)

Lisa said...

So sweet and cute post. I really loved it. Thanks for sharing.

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The Blonde Duck said...

I love real life love stories!

Anonymous said...
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steph c said...

So good to see Josh and Layla featured here! What a great couple :)

Lauryn said...

I loved reading all of Layla's answers and I found it all to be so sweet and insightful! Definitely sounds like they make a great couple, and I'll be heading over to her blog now :)