Thursday, March 17, 2011

Roundup: Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day, loves!

The day after our wedding we were at my parent's house digging through the basement and I found our family's genealogy.

My whole life my paternal grandpa had been telling me I was Swiss-German. What I discovered on the genealogy is that while I am 1/8 German the other 3/8s that have come from my dad's side are Irish.

And thus, this is my first St. Patrick's Day as an Irish girl (in the same way I'd be excited if I found out that Edie was the Easter Bunny).

I thought it would be fun to have a little St. Patrick's Day roundup in honor of my new found Irish heritage :)

I imagine these earrings would swish when you walk.

I've been dying for a mustard skirt but I think a kelly green one might satisfy me for now.

Adorable for happy hour this summer!

Green has never been so glam.

Perfect for the painter or art school grad.

Adorable dress for summer and I imagine it would pair well with tights & a cardi in winter.

Add some green to your walls as well as your wardrobe.

Lovely pleats & bow!

Next to magenta green kitchen cabinets are my favorite.

A girl can never have too many scarves.

Beautiful sentiment & color.

True story, I squealed when I saw this beaut.

An adorable project for St. Patrick's Day or any spring day.

When our kitchen is complete I will get one of these to sit by my stove.

Add a pop of color to your house.

I'm ready for sandals, are you?

Seychelles Chant from Zappos $110.00

What's your favorite shade of green?


ChloƩ said...

ooo i love all these green things! you know i only own 2 green shirts.. and i don't know why? i like green.. i just never wear it for some reason!

Lindsay said...

I love it all! Happy St. Pattys day girl!

Jessica said...

All of those dresses are so cute!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

My fav shades of green are kelly green and forest green. Today I'm rockin' mint green!

Oh, My Darling said...

The paint drip mug reminds me of Nickelodeon's slime, circa the early 1990s TV programming.

Becca said...

Such a good idea for a roundup! Congrats on your first Irish St Patty's Day! I've had my eye on that green anthro skirt for a while now...soo cute! And I have the utinsel jar from anthro but mine is's much smaller than I expected but I still love it!

Anna said...

oh my Lord I miss summer time happy hours!
Edie MIGHT be the easter bunny, you never know. she totally has the ears.
(I thought my mom's best friend cheryl was the easter bunny till I was 8.. true story).
congrats on your Irish roots!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

so many amazing things in this post! love all the modcloth dresses and those heels - swoon!

Lauryn said...

Well there's definitely not a shortage of cute green stuff out there!

Having the words "summer" and "happy hour" in the same sentence make me giddy!

Leah Rife said...

That Kelly dress is so cute!!

Annie Cristina said...

I love your finds! Especially that pair of swingy earrings. I need those in my life.

Layla said...

Yes, please. To all of it.

Megan said...

CUTE stuff! Especially the 'you're my other half' print!

Amanda said...

I'm always partial to a dark green. Happy St. Patrick's Day to the new Irish girl in you! :)

cailen ascher said...

what perfect green things for st. patty's day. and happy 25th to your parents! how wonderful : )

hope you enjoyed your st. patrick's day yesterday.