Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little List

1. I have been eating far too much Easter candy. Normally, I never keep candy around so to have an abundance is crazy pants and my self control just can't keep up.

2. I've been working on our back yard. I'm a total dunce when it comes to gardening but one thing I know is that there are several peony & lilac bushes in the backyard. I can't wait to start filling my ball jars again.

3. Jus says that Grace Potter & the Nocturnals is becoming one of the hottest live shows to see. Grace seriously puts on the best show but if you aren't able to see them live I recommend downloading Grace Potter & the Nocturnals Live at the Fillmore. Jus downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and I have been absolutely loving it. I may have been seen rocking out in my car.

4. Have you seen Modcloth's new dog line? I would love to get this bow tie collar for Edie but she's far too girly for that. Plus we confuse enough people as it is with her name.

5. I was looking over Google Analytics yesterday and saw that someone reached my blog by googling "is seventh grade too young to kiss" this sort of delights & disgusts me.

6. I love belly laughs. One of the best recipes for belly laughs is a 6 pack and old friends. Another recipe is to invite Jus over and let him tell you stories about his childhood.

7. I've been scanning pinterest looking for other headboard ideas. I found this lovely driftwood headboard but unfortunately we don't have access to that much driftwood around these parts.

8. Yesterday my mom treated me to a pedicure & manicure. It was the first time since the wedding and I went with one of OPI's new Texas inspired colors, "Big Hair, Bright Nails."

9. We still haven't gotten our professional wedding pictures back (I know, yuck) but I was looking through some pictures my mom posted to facebook from the day and started tearing up. Jus is an amazing person and I am so lucky to be making this journey with him.
Jus & my dad on the morning of our wedding

10. Last night I spent a half hour looking at baby names. Don't get excited and think that we've changed our mind about waiting to have kids. Last week I searched for Basset Hound puppies and we are certainly not adding another to our household.


Annie @ Wattlebird said...

I'm having an Easter candy issue as well. But my thought is that I'm going to eat the same amount whether it is now or later, so I might as well just eat as much as I want and then I won't have any left to tempt me.

ErinMSW said...

Ha! I do that, too - random baby name searches and puppy searches. Nowhere near adding either one of those to our household yet, but...it's fun!

Amy said...

I'm jealous you have peonies in your backyard! They are my favourite.

I love that drift wood headboard - it's a shame you can't get/make one!

I love that picture of Jus and your dad...I can't imagine how it makes you feel because it almost gives me goosebumps!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Modcloth has a DOG LINE!?! Checking that out!

And I love headboards like that too but Dustin said no way =-(

kelsey said...

So what does big hair, bright nails look like? Is it red? I want to see!!

Banan said...

I want a Mani and pedi and for you to have a baby and put my name in theirs!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hemborg and I are quite into picking names and analalyzing them for kids that we plan to have in 5 years. To make me not feel weird I assume we all do it, so you have really helped my theory!

Jacqueline said...

I just found your blog! It's so cute!! And don't worry I'm definitely having the struggles with Easter Candy too - it's horrible!

and a 6 pack and good friends is the BEST recipe for belly laughs! nothing better!