Thursday, April 28, 2011

Roundup: April Showers (Rain Boots)

You may have noticed that I missed a big chunk of rain paraphernalia in last week's roundup, but I found so many cute rain boots that I had to split them up.

Hopefully it will stop raining soon but until then here are some of my favorite rain boots/galoshes/wellies on the web.

Have I mentioned I love stripes?

Perfect rain boots for the dog lover.

Add a delicate touch with a feminine bow.
Poshwelly from Joules $120.00

While there's nothing itsy nor bitsy about these the yellow polka dots are adorable.

Plaid wellies look very traditional.

And, perhaps, the quintessential plaid.

Short rain boots are even cuter.

The ultimate rain boots

Oh man do I love chevrons
Zig Zag Rain Boots from Target $24.99

You can't get much girlier than pink with heels...

...unless you add a bow!

Another polka dotadorable.

More adorable stripes.
Welly Print from Joules $100.00

Rain boots can look (somewhat) grown up too.
Dewy Gardens Victorian Rainboots from Ruche $52.99

These swirly colors will surely brighten your day.
Nomad Puddles Boots from DSW $39.95

Did I miss your favorites?

PS Thanks to my momma for suggesting this theme!
PPS Can you guess what next week's theme is?


Sarah said...

I LOVE the last one!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Love the yellow polka dots and the dewy gardens!

Amy said...

Ahhhhh I want Hunters SO SO SO bad.

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

This is too aunt and I were discussing this past weekend how we needed rain boots and we ran out of time during our visit to get them. She texted me with a photo of those Sperry wellies a few days ago that she bought when she got back to Chicago. Now I really, really need some :)

Jacqueline said...

I love rainboots!!! i have black polka dot ones and they're so cute!!

i am aubrey. said...

target is rockin' the rainboots! so cute!

Amanda said...

i wear my bottles out in the garden to work, it's great and it makes it that much more fun!

Stephanie said...

Oh my oh my, I want to pick a favorite but I just don't think it's possible! I have never owned rain boots (not sure why?) and I've been wanting a pair so bad lately! I really like the Anthropologie pair but holy $$ for rain boots, or is that just me? ;)

Ruby Girl said...

lovely!! i like the roundup idea. so many great choices in one place. i think my fave are the yellow polka dotted ones from target. the just emanate all things rainboot for me :) <3

Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

OMG I need those Westie rain boots from Mod Cloth! I'm so sad they only have them in size 5 now :(

Dhalia Rodriguez Edwards said...

I have the original Hunters in classic my willies.


Life by Wyetha said...

Great rain boots, I love the stripped one, and that purple pair.