Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little List of Love for Summer

Hello my darlings.

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. This weekend reminded me of how wonderful summer really is and all of the things that make summer lovely.

1. Spending time at the lake. Growing up in the Midwest I learned to swim in lakes, I love lake swimming and the exhausted feeling that comes at the end of a day of being in the sun & water.

2. Reading outside. Whether its on a boat, hammock or porch, feeling the breeze blow as I read is hard to beat.

3. Summer feet. Brightly colored toe nail polish encased in sandals are pretty much my fave.

4. Ice cream. Lots of ice cream, after every meal.

5. Warm nights. Jus & I have an ongoing argument discussion about the benefits of air conditioning versus open windows.

6. Sunshine. We live in a very grey area of the world. For 5 months of the year life is grey so when the sun finally shines it's hard to beat.

7. Fresh flowers. Our giant peony bush has opened and they're gorgeous. All of our regular peonies are close to opening & I can't wait to fill our house with fresh flowers.

8. Fresh fruit & veggies. We've been eating like crap now that we don't have a kitchen so I'm planning to stock out fridge with fruits we can eat raw. And fill our freezer with blueberries (my second favorite summer snack).

9. Barbeques, bonfires & get togethers. Cold weather turns Jus & me into hermits and warm weather brings our social sides out.

And for the sake of being fair, one thing I don't like about summer...

10. Forgetting to take Baz Luhrmann's advice and not wearing sunscreen. I absolutely forgot about sunscreen yesterday and am paying for it today.

What are your favorite parts of summer?


steph c said...

Hope you're not burned too bad! And you totally have me craving ice cream now ;)

Caitlin said...

This made me feel very happy and summery. I love the smell of sunscreen mixed with the smell of sweat and bug spray, as crazy as that is. We live in a very cold place (Maine) so summers are my time to take in all the natural beauty our state has to offer :) Le siiigh....

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I pretty much agree with you about all these things!

Anonymous said...

That ice cream looks delicious. I can't believe I've been following (stalking) your blog/twitter for this long and I have yet to comment. I ADORE YOUR OUTFIT POSTSS!!!! :P

My favorite part of summer is the constant SUN! Up here in MI, we get only a few months of "nice" weather and I cherish every moment in its bright light!


Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the summer feet enclosed in sandals, definitely one of my fave parts of summer! I also love how as soon as the sun comes out in London the parks just get filled with people and happiness! :)

Anna said...

I am a river girl, & I agree bonfires are one of the best parts of summer! I love not having to defrost my car too :)

alex said...

Swimming on a lake? Reading books on a boat?! 5 months without sun?! Gosh! This is amazing! These sure are things I've never experienced, you are so lucky to experience these every day!

Meanz said...

Cherry dipped vanilla cones are my favorite summer treat! I know they are a little plain, but they are so delicious! I have to get one soon! :)

Meanz (Koi Story)

Jewellery Bijou said...

I am your new follower,I would really appreciate if you could follow me back!

Kate said...


Giedre said...

I love the fact that you argue over using/not using air conditioner! LOL I'll totally be like that one day...I LOVE having all the windows open during the summer and can't stand air conditioner. Growing up in Florida (land of cement and air conditioner) and now living in the gorgeous mountains (where of COURSE it can't ever possibly be as hot!) will do that to a person... :p