Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Weekend to me

After the first night of my birthday celebration weekend Jus & I headed to my parent's place at the lake to sit by a bonfire, drink with our friends, and be sure that no one had to drive home.
I got my second birthday present Saturday afternoon in the mail. My little sister paid my way for the fall season of Yoga, I haven't been able to take yoga in a couple of months and am beyond excited to get back in to it.
On the way to the lake Jus & I stopped at the liquor store and to my surprise and delight the local liquor stores now have Fat Tire* in cans!
Birthdays have always been a big deal in our family and my 24th wasn't a disappointment. My parents set up a Pirate themed scavenger hunt. Naturally, the "treasure chests" contained mini kegs.

The winning team with their keg of Oberon

After our scavenger hunt we ate and drank and drank. 

Arrrr, Me and My Matey

The night ended with the group sitting around the campfire, as we sat there I looked at the faces of my friends and felt truly blessed to have so many people that care for me.

The weekend was completed with a family party complete with grilled lobster tails, clams, and softshell crabs. I got some pretty sweet presents too...
These super cute pans

A green apple ice bucket

A Good Hart necklace

Some sheets to fit our new bed
and The Sugar Reef Caribbean Cookbook, which is where my Jerk Chicken recipe comes from,  I'm very excited to find some new recipes to add to my stash!

So all in all my 24th year started off with a bang. I was able to share my day with lots of people I love and feel good about what the year has in store for me.

My Love for today: My parents, who continue to love and support me no matter what
My Happiness for today: The Sugar Reef Caribbean Cookbook, I lucked out when I found the recipe for jerk chicken online. I'm pretty sure this book has been out of print for a while, since my copy was printed in 1989 and the picture on the front cover is essential '80s, I PROMISE to share some awesome recipes later on.

*If you haven't had Fat Tire you are seriously missing out, I used to like lighter, wheat beers, but this has been my absolute favorite for a little while now.

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