Friday, September 25, 2009

Still Grrrrrrring about the Bathroom

The other night Jus asked what my inspiration for the bathroom was, all I could think of were the words light and airy.
Digging around on the Internet* last night I found these lovelies...
Oh, beautiful, beautiful tile...

This monochromatic bathroom is all kinds of beautiful

I love this color, we were originally going to go with something like this but were too worried it would close up the bathroom too much.

We need to build shelves to store all of our uglies and I must say that these are about a million times better than the straight option.

So maybe I like me some monochromaticness/whiteness, actually I was looking through my inspiration folder and about 80% of the folder contains white rooms.
Well, we'll figure it out, we always do.

My Love for today: Jus, who's going to pull the sink out of the bathroom today.
My Happiness for today: It's Friday!!!

*Ok, technically I found these all on Desire to Inspire

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