Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Weekend

I love concerts, I would choose to go to a concert over almost everything. I've always said the moment when the singer stops singing and the crowd keeps singing is spiritual, it just gives me the chills.

This weekend I am really excited that I get to see this guy

with this guy

and this girl.

Brett Dennen is my favorite. Jus & I saw him at Rothbury last summer and his show was the only one I knew every word to every song at. I'm not sure if it was the sunshine or the beer or the music or the combination of it all but this was the best show ever. I am so so so very excited to see him again.
I'm also extremely excited to see Grace Potter, Jus & I only caught the last little bit of her show at Rothbury and were very sad that we had missed out, cause she kicks serious booty.
It will be fun to be in Chicago too. Especially cause I'm gonna try to see the Marshall Fields/Macy's Christmas windows!

*I'm going to take lots of pictures with my little sis this weekend cause I realized I don't have any recent ones of us.

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