Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where did Monday go?

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, I woke up super duper late, had to ship some stuff for etsy and decided to decorate the house for Christmas.
Our weekend in Chicago was a lot of fun. We ended up with special passes to get us into a meet & greet with Brett Dennen.
The concert itself rocked, Grace Potter is seriously my hero, and she's only my age!
Sunday Jus & I bummed around the city a bit and got into the holiday mood.
We stumbled upon the German Christkindlmarket, every year this German festival is set up in Daley Plaza. I had been with my German class in high school but Jus hadn't. We shopped a little and ate a little.

(Sorry about the lack of pictures, I'm still trying to get used to taking pictures without feeling like a total tourist)

After the Christkindlmarket we wandered over to the original Marshall Field's (now a Macy's) to see their Christmas windows.
I didn't want to bore you with the entire story line but the windows told the story of how children's letters to Santa get to him.
My favorite window showed all of the letters swirling around on their trip to the north pole.

The next window featured this little robot (apparently robots help the elves?) that happened to hold a creepy swordlike aparatus

Jus & I thought this guy was just a little too creepy, but none the less I am totally in the Christmas spirit now. Apparently Edie is too!

Stay tuned during this week for a sneak peek of our house Christmasfied and a special DIY project.

My Love for today: My BFF Beth, who got engaged Saturday night! I am so incredibly happy for her and can't wait to help her plan her big day!
My Happiness for today: It's finally Christmas! (Yes, I count the whole month)

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You Are My Fave said...

I love Christmas markets. The Europeans know how to celebrate.

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