Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wiping the drool off my chin...

As I was watching the Project Runway season finale I was totally drooling over Carol Hannah's collection, it made me so sad as I started to realize that she probably wouldn't win. I started thinking that Carol Hannah needed to design wedding dresses so that when Jus puts a ring on it I can wear one of her lovelies.
Thinking led to googling, googling led to etsy and etsy led to Carol Hannah's shop and these lovelies.

Carol Hannah wore this lovely to the Project Runway casting

Carol Hannah uses awesome colors and so many of her dresses are just easy breezy

You're gonna need a coat this winter

I love this dress, I think it is the perfect any/all the time dress

And as much as I love the front I love the skirt of the back about a hundred times more!

The next two have been sold but Carol Hannah does custom orders.
This is just a little fairy dress, don't you think?

Can you say sexy?

Carol Hannah's just starting to do wedding dresses but has some of those in her wedding shop on etsy.
Many of her bridesmaids dresses are made from jersey which means lots of comfort and lots of dancing!

Wouldn't this make a lovely wedding dress in ivory?

This little discovery totally made my day, and now I also get to follow Carol Hannah's adventures on her blog!

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Natalie Catherine said...

omg i love that last dress!! i'm on the lookout for a bridesmaid dress in black. and that is the exact style i'm looking for! i'm drooling with you. gorgeous!