Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garland Lovin' (and a little Tuesday wedding)

Lately our house has been a garland making factory. A couple of months ago I saw this adorable coffee filter garland around the web and was dying to recreate it.

When I got our new headboard I knew we had the perfect spot for one of these whimsical beauties. I thought it would be fun to add some color to our bedroom so I used silver cupcake liners and a mix of yellow fabric I found at a thrift store.

I cut the yellow fabric to be the same sized circles as the cupcake liner and strung them on to some crochet yarn. I hot glued every other circle so they wouldn't slide around.
I love the color that it adds to our bedroom and decided to continue my love for these garlands and use them as decoration at our wedding reception.
Our reception is taking place in a building that my grandfather owns. We're renovating the second floor and it will be customized just for us!
The ceiling is getting fixed, the floor is getting refinished, the walls will be painted, & the room will be rewired.

I've been tea dying coffee filters and Jus & I have been stringing them together. We're making 10 garlands that are 26 feet long, and if you're thinking that's a lot of coffee filters, you'd be right.
One batch of coffee filters drying

We spent 10 hours working on these this weekend and I love the way they're turning out.
Leftover Valentine's Day heart garland & coffee filter garland

Lately I've been looking for a garland to replace the heart garland we have hanging between our kitchen and living room and today at Target I found the perfect replacement!

As soon as I spotted this six pack of paper fans I knew I had to go home and put some craftiness to work. I opened each fan and hot glued the attached strings to the next fan.

I ended up using two packs of these fans and had three left over that I hot glued together to make a decoration for our back door.

I love how summery these make our house look and expect that Target will be running out of these beauties soon.

Have you made anything for your home lately?


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i think the garland for your wedding looks amazing, and what a fun idea! i also like the garland on your headboard, but my favorite thing in that picture is the headboard itself! i have two old windows chris brough home one day, and they're just sitting against the guest bed, but i'm going to show him your headboard and ask if maybe he can make one for me!

daisymay said...

OMG these are so cute. Your wedding room is going to look beautiful but it's going to take you ages!

Bethany said...

Although I do love the coffee filter garland and the one above your bed, I'm totally in love with the mini paper fan one in the entry way! It seriously goes so well and adds such a nice pop of color. Well done Cole, will you make me one? :)

Caroline said...

These are adorable!!!! xo