Friday, June 4, 2010

Happity Hap Hap Friday

I'll tell you a little secret about my silly post titles: I usually say them out loud because they make me smile.

We made it through another week, loves, doesn't it feel lovely when Friday rolls around? I always start my weekend with such high intentions but they usually end up with the same comfortably relaxing activities.
I only have one goal for this weekend and the upcoming week.
Be happycakes.

Lately I've been too stressed, too disconnected from the people I love, too tired, too sad, and too scattered. I know that I'll probably get worse before the wedding but for this week (at least) I'm going to be footloose and fancy free.
I'll work on our coffee filter garlands and maybe start our invitations.
I'll listen to the new Jack Johnson album.
I'll work on this here bloggy and try to redesign it.
And I'll work on being a better blog friend.

Speaking of blog friends I've gotten some awesome mail in the last couple of weeks from some of mine.
A couple of weeks ago the lovely Elissa sent me some awesome Aussie items including this tea towel featuring naughty little girls.

This girl might be my favorite.

This week I got a postcard from the lovely Micaela and then a couple of days ago I got a package from Danielle with this coin purse that reminded her of Edie.

Isn't that the sweetest? I tried to get Edie to take a picture with it but that wasn't happening.

So all in all I'm going to try to have a happier week. I've got something planned for us to make more bloggy friends and Jus & I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary so I think it'll be a pretty good one.

What are you planning to do to make this week a good one?


Courtney. said...

Getting printed mail is so fun, and I am in the works of writing a few letters myself. I hope you have an awesome week.
I'm going to make mine happy by appreciating what I've got, relaxing when I can.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

what a cute towel!

i hope you have a good weekend, and although it may be nearly impossible, try not to stress over wedding things too much. trust me, everything works out, even if it isn't exactly as you'd originally planned!

uglygirl said...

I am going to send more packages in the mail!