Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I've gotta brag a little, last night I cooked some yum yum yummy dinner from the Sugar Reef Cookbook I got for my birthday. Jus has been sick this week so I chose something that I thought he'd like & that could make him healthy PLUS I got to use my gorgeous aqua dutch cooker! Soooo I cooked up some Pollo Al Jerez served it over some brown rice and watched as my sicko boyfriend ate two bowls.

After dinner I scrubbed some grime off the log/blanket holder I got Monday on my treasure hunt. It turned out that my scrubbing took off some of the paint so now part is silver and part is black. Part of me wanted to paint it silver or black and part of me wanted to paint it aqua, all of Jus wanted to keep it like it is, and sometimes I just have to let him make the design decisions.

And I'm loving the log rack's new home next to our sofa, what do you think?

My Love for today: Grace Bonney, the founder of design*sponge, is featured in the new Martha Stewart Weddings. Today Grace featured some of the details on design*sponge's guest blog and HOLY MOLY look at the amazingness that are her invitations. They screenprinted the invite on a vintage hankie, wrapped it around the RSVP postcard, and wrapped the whole thing with the woodgrain belly band.

Both are Via

I do believe I'm drooling.
My Happiness for today: My POA for tonight definitely includes baking some red velvet cupcakes! And cooking some (hopefully) yum yum yummy pork chops which are also from the Sugar Reef cookbook.

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