Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My treasure hunt went pretty well, even though I wasn't looking for anything in particular I did get these lovlies...
I'm not entirely sure what it is about this old toolbox but I love it, and it was only 50 cents!

Ok, so maybe it's the color because I ended up with this little industrial light in the exact same color.

This little girl is a paint by number, like my cockatoo, and while I love her Jus isn't too crazy about the painting.

Sometimes I wonder if I could have a collection of paint by number art, and then I remember that our whole house tends to have collections of things.
This glass pear would make a great cookie jar, but since I don't bake cookies very often I'll have to find something else to fill it with.

The last thing I found was this stand, which I know is made to hold logs but I want to fill it up with rolled blankets!

And speaking of blankets I missed out big time. There was a wool blanket at one of my stops that I contemplated and left without. Since then I have been OBSESSING over it. I want a wool blanket to drape over our sofa and I want it NOW! My mommycakes has some she's willing to part with so I might just be in luck.

My Love for today: Edie, who's all snuggled up on my chest hoping we'll go back to bed.
My Happiness for today: The smell of coffee brewing.

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Bethany said...

where do you find your treasures?? I think I need to check this place out...you get good stuff!