Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The other day my cousin & I went on an outing/treasure hunt and I was able to nab these lovelies...
First off, and this was the real reason we went back to my favorite store around here, is this blanket that I have been sad about missing since my last trip.

My mom gave me this lovely vintage Woolrich Hudson Bay Blanket and I can't wait to put it at the foot of our bed, but alas, we have to wait till our puppy is a little less puppyish.

I love the plaid of this blanket and how cozy it makes our living room.

I also got this lovely blue enamel pitcher, the color is so rich and the enamel is pristine.

And last but not least check out these lovelies...

A set of Junior Deluxe Edition novels printed in 1954, I don't recognize all of the titles but the best part by far are the graphic covers, oh, and the fact that they were 75% off!

The set sort of reminds me of these new lovelies

Both via

I wouldn't mind getting the complete set of these Penguin clothbound classics.

My Love for today: Little Miss Edie Sedgwick, who is barking to get onto my lap and subsequently barking to get off.

My Happiness for today: My dad's Phillies are playing tonight for a chance to go to the world series again, even though I'm not much into sports I usually get excited for a Philly team.

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Anonymous said...

your dads phillies??? MINE TOO!!! since my future husband and all plays for them! and edie looks big in that picture