Monday, December 14, 2009

A Good First Impression

One of the problems with owning an old house is that there are always projects. I imagine if Jus and I live in our house for twenty years we will get to the point where we will finally be done working on projects, but for the time being there is one project right after the next.
One project I've been dying to complete is tacking the back hall. Our back entry way is pretty terrible, when you walk in the back door the basement stairs are right in front of you and the doorway to the kitchen is to your left, this area is teeny tiny and somewhere along the way somebody decided to put some wood paneling up.*

While I was working Saturday I got a text from Jus saying that he was working on the entry way. I can't tell you how tickled I am that Jus decided to deal with said wood paneling and he even took some pictures so you could see his progress.

Halfway through...ugh, I can't tell you how terrible our hallway is.

All of the paneling is off now and the hallway looks a lot better and a million times bigger.

I am so excited that this project is started, now all we need is some paint and some hooks.

My Love for Today: Jus, who starts projects in the same way that I do.
My Happiness for Today: I know I said we weren't doing any wedding planning until after Christmas but we're too excited. I'm off to try on some wedding dresses today with my mom, Banan, Jus's mom, and my two aunts.

*Isn't it a little hard to believe how much paneling is in our house?

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Bethany said...

First, I wish I were with you as you try on your dresses, I'm sure you look completely stunning :) Second, wow, that back hall looks a million times better just taking that paneling off. I'm super impressed with your guys projects and how you are pretty much completely redoing your house so it looks Justin/Nicole rather than 80 year old lady. haha Can't wait to see more, good job Justin!!