Monday, July 19, 2010

Hip Happity Monday

Good Morning, darlings! How was your weekend?
Ours was good, very busy and fairly productive.
Remember our new friends M & M that I've gone on and on about?
Well, this week they got married in California. They invited us about a month ago and with the cost of flights and hotels we knew we wouldn't be able to go.
Then, last Monday Jus & I decided that we would drive 2100 miles to surprise our friends at their wedding. I packed, we made arrangements for the dogs and then we got to talking; about the mortgage payment, the fact we have a wedding this year, and the idea that this would have to take the place of our honeymoon, and we realized that sometimes it really sucks to be a grown up.
Then my parents got involved and offered to buy us plane tickets for our birthdays, we could stay with a friend and make the trip super cheap. But then our plans fell through and plane tickets skyrocketed.
I'll admit I was a little mopey about the situation until I came up with a great way that we could still surprise our friends. They recently bought their first house and have been working at making it their own, on the docket is redoing the kitchen and they hadn't had time to paint it yet. So Jus & I headed over to their place Saturday (luckily they had given me a key to get their mail) and painted. M & M had chosen the color so all we had to do was slap some paint on the walls but it was fun to know that we would surprise them.
M & M's kitchen mid painting

After we finished painting at their place we came home to paint our back hall. Way back in December Jus tore down the ugly wood panelling and last weekend he & his dad installed a new back door. We picked a color called "Lemon Pepper" and I'm not sure if I like it or hate it, but we're planning to add some cork tiles to break it up. I'll be sure to show you the finished product, but for now here's a picture of Jus painting up a storm.

Sunday we cleaned the house and saw "Inception" which I would highly highly recommend.
All in all I'd say it was a pretty good weekend, and just because you all seem to like weddings as much as I do here's a picture of M & M that our friend took right after they got hitched, don't they look happy?

Have a happy Monday lovebugs!


Meghan said...

You are so sweet! I cannot believe you painted their kitchen - that is such a thoughtful gesture!

kid. said...

i have heard only good things about Inception - i need to go see it!

Alee said...

You guys are such sweet friends! They look so in love in that last pic. Happy Monday!

Tayler said...

How nice of you!